Preksha Vahini is a group of people, who wish to lead a spiritual and blissful life by practicing Preksha Meditation. There are no designations in the group. Everybody is equal and a sadhak of spiritual path. Samvahak / Sah-Samvahak are only to execute the duties and responsibilities.



  • Growth of spirituality by spreading the message of Preksha Meditation.
  • Strengthen the network of Preksha Meditation.


  • To Develop Spiritual Personality
  • To establish the network of Preksha Meditation
  • To Create a Trained and Dedicated force, that will help to spread Preksha Meditation all over the world.

Nirdeshak Mandal

Preksha Vahini will be managed by a Nirdeshak Mandal nominated by Preksha Foundation.

Responsibilities of Nirdeshak Mandal-

  • To nominate a Samvahak for every branch in January every year.
  • To send information and instructions to every branch periodically.
  • To motivate every branch of Preksha Vahini to run the programme appropriately and take their reports and feedbacks.

Responsibilities of Samvahak

  • Manage the Preksha Vahini properly in his area.
  • Organize Preksha Meditation class every month.
  • Make effort to increase the membership of Preksha Vahini.
  • Nominate a Sah-Samvahak among every 10 members of Preksha Vahini.
  • Communicate with every Sah-Samvahak on regular basis
  • Motivate every Sah-Samvahak/Member for the work of Preksha Vahini and take their reports and feedbacks.
  • Execute the work given by Nirdeshak Mandal

Responsibilities of Sah-Samvahak-

  • Assist the Samvahak to manage Preksha Vahini properly.
  • Make true efforts to increase the membership of Preksha Vahini.
  • Send information to every member of his group.
  • Make sure that every member of his group attends the Class.
  • Execute the work given by Samvahak.

Member Eligibility-

  • One who has interest in Preksha Meditation.
  • One who wants to be spiritual.
  • One who is minimum of 16 years old.


  • A person can become member only by recommendation of an existing member.
  • Preksha Kit will be send after receiving the registration fee Rs.100 + Annual membership fee of Rs.100.
  • Every member will get a unique enrolment I.D.
  • Every member will contribute Rs.100 annually to Preksha Foundation for the work of Preksha Meditation.
  • In case a member is absent for three continuous sessions in Preksha Meditation classes, new membership procedure will be applicable.
  • Preksha Vahini Member will get Special Discount in camps organized by Preksha International.


  • Attend Preksha Meditation class and programme of Preksha Vahini every month.
  • Make efforts to spread the message of Preksha Meditation.
  • Make efforts to increase the membership of Preksha Vahini.
  • Devote time to Practice Preksha Meditation Daily.
  • Support Samvahak / Sah-Samvahak for the work of Preksha as needed.

Class of Preksha Vahini-

Generally 1 hour Preksha Meditation class will be held on 1st Sunday of every month.



  • Preksha Song
  • Mangal Bhavana
  • Preksha Meditation
  • Preksha Pravachan
  • Information
  • Attendance

Points to Remember

  • Banner of Preksha Vahini will be displayed in every class.
  • Preferred dress code for class is white colour clothes.
  • Membership Badge / ID card is compulsory for every attendee.
  • There will be a scoring system for every member and Top scorer will be honored in annual function.

Scoring method :

Presence in class

+ 100 points

Absence in class

- 100 points

Recommendation of new member

+100 bonus point

Recommended member’s presence in class

+ 5 point for each member

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Top Rankers

Rank User Name Points
1 Vikas Surana 400
2 Kavita Surana 300
3 Mahendra Chhajer 200
4 Hemant Jain 100
5 Dinesh Khinwasara 100